Professional Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops emphasise a participatory, collaborative learning approach leading to post-workshop actions. Our team of content specialists plan and facilitate workshops according to the group’s specific requirements and the duration.

Training can be combined with educational visits through the City of Oulu, Education and Culture Services, EDUpacks.

Professional development workshops are available from half-a-day to multiple days, focusing on one or more themes, some examples are below.

Teaching English
Professional development workshop for English teachers who would like to refresh their English language skills and explore creative ideas for producing materials and teaching English.

Suggested workshop topics:
• learner-centered activities for speaking and listening
• improving pronunciation and intonation
• providing authentic reading and writing practice
• building confidence and motivating language learners
• teaching grammar
• assessing language skills
• relationships between language and culture
• English language teaching in the Finnish curriculum and context


Education for Sustainable Development
Professional development workshop for teachers, principals, and educational administrators who already include, or will be introducing, education for sustainable development (ESD) in their teaching, school practices and policies.

Suggested workshop topics:
• approaches to education for sustainable development
• pedagogies fostering leadership towards sustainable societies
• motivating and engaging learners
• developing knowledge, competencies and attitudes
• integrating ESD in all subjects
• whole school initiatives
• rural-urban differences and regional variations
• UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Goals)
• ESD in the Finnish curriculum and context


Transforming Education
Professional development workshop for teachers, principals, and educational administrators undertaking educational reform, for example, introducing new teaching methods, developing the curriculum, improving practices in schools and classrooms, increasing local community contact.

Suggested workshop topics:
• action research as a tool for agents of change
• identifying priorities, obstacles and possibilities
• action planning and implementation
• evaluation procedures
• post-workshop actions and support
• communicating change to stakeholders and a wider audience
• transforming education in the Finnish context

To start planning your professional development workshop please contact Ros Cooper